Node behind a firewall

The VM where I run “./scripts/cli/” is behind a firewall.
The traffic from the VM can go outside, but external traffic cannot reach this VM.

Can I use this VM for creating a txn?

This script (scripts/cli/ will connect to testnet, which runs on port 8000.
Make sure your firewall is not blocking it (it’s normal http/2 traffic otherwise)

There is a firewall for incoming connections. But once the process connects to testnet from within the firewall, data can be sent from the testnet into the process. Is that how it works?
or the testnet explicitly makes a connection?

Hi @snambi,

I guess you think that will initiate the libra server (a.k.a. validator node). Instead, the shell script create a client for you to connect to testnet (libra’s server). So, no one need to connect to your VM because it’s client, firewall that allowed traffic go outside is enough for you to try explore libra’s command.

Answer to your first question:
Yes, you can create a txn (By using libra’s command via your libra client.)

Answer to your second question:
Libra client need to connect to testnet as similar to browser connect to web server to get and post information.

Simple picture here might help to explain you the idea of overview network architecture for libra. (Docker for development environment)

Testnet is a group of node behind the bridge. The node are very busy working on consensus process related with the txn(s) you and our friends made via libra client.

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