New release of the testnet explorer

(Thanks for everyone that encouraged by sending me fake money on the testnet :slight_smile: )
I’m happy to announce a new release of the testnet browser, bringing it to pretty much a full featured blockchain explorer standards. I still make no guarantee of stability or speed of response but both were significantly improved.

New features:

  • A much nicer UI - see screenshots below
  • Support to view a specific transaction by version + search support for version
  • Ability to view all past transactions of an account
  • All versions and accounts are clickable hyperlinks
  • the backend was improved to sustain higher load, still not designed for very high loads so be gentle with it and refresh if it is stuck

you’re welcome to report bugs / ask questions here.



Great work so far. Thank you for your efforts.

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great work ! official blog says testnet will be reseted daily, so take that into account

it think it would be a great addition to show the (average?) velocity of blocks creation in the last minutes or something like that. Since Libra seems USP seems to be scalability and mainstream usage, that single KPI can be very interesting to see “live” @Diskin

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Great work.thanks.:grinning:

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I am following this and would love to see it in your github. I know you will retouch all before doing it, I imagine!
Great job!

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check this at debugging or rearranging things:
After checking an account, Home link is wich is a page not well formatted.
And, when checking transactions, minted coins are represented with this oooooooo link:
wich will point to server error…

Again, sent some Libra, and was immediately checked in the site. It works great!


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Nice work! Was just using this to debug a transaction


@everyone - thanks!

@lucas - do you have a link to that blog? as for the average velocity, I am thinking of adding some stats but this will take a while.
BTW, regarding high availability did you notice that sometimes when opening a new client it fails to connect - had to handle this in my code…

@Ac3B0x - regarding the issue with displaying the mint address, I’m aware and need to debug. regarding the broken home link, I’ll look into it - thanks :slight_smile:


I fixed the bug with the links + added support to view the mint address:

@Ac3B0x - can you check if it works for you now?


@Diskin regarding blog and quote about reset of testnet everyday check this post here in the forum :arrow_right: Testnet Validator Nodes

BTW, regarding high availability did you notice that sometimes when opening a new client it fails to connect - had to handle this in my code…

yup i’ve noticed, but i’m assuming dev phase. Would you like to open issues ? here on a Git repo ?

average velocity, I am thinking of adding some stats but this will take a while.

From my product experience i would sugest to concentrate on what has value now.
The most valuable thing for the community to see how this network is faster than BTC / ETH on block creation ((average 1 min ? 10 min ? 1 h? 3h?) and therefore transaction per second or TPS, but i doubt testnet is at it 1000 TPS usage right now) => That would be a nice stat to see, ex : in the last 6 hrs, average TPS was XX/s and maximum observed was YY/s.

Just that :arrow_up: would bring huge attention to the explorer since those stats would show how libra is not a toy and can deliver on the promise of a payment network.

@aching @bschwab do you guys have internal stats to share ?

Cheers ! great work



  1. re: testnet reset this is not happening so far, when it happens I can just reset the DB, might be interesting to keep the old one for historical purposes…
  2. re: node connection issue, I might open something later. I imagine the root cause is more likely to be related to the cloud env setup and something that testing should let the team at Facebook see…
  3. re: stats, yeah - it is at the top of my new features list but I have some stability issues to address as well…
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Great jobs. I am developer, Can I help you do something ?

Yes it works fine :smiley: great!
now, check this one: :wink:

Diskin, nowadays, it’s always opened in browser :smiley:

@Ac3B0x - I was too lazy to update the error pages to the new UI so invalid links still show that page. As for having open in the browser - it is great to hear :wink:

@hoangnv1203 - Thanks! I’m still cleaning things up and working on new features in hackign mode; once I have clean up a bit I plan to open source this on GitHub, at which point everyone interested will be welcome to contribute :slight_smile:


@Diskin awsome, let me know when you public source on GitHub




New statistics feature added:


I don’t think this account can grow any more.

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a Faucet is now also available (although UI needs improvement)

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Hi @Diskin,

Thanks for the faucet, I can get 1T Libra now.:grin::coffee: