New Libra test network and developer kits have been incorporated into ChainIDE

Smart contract cloud development tool — ChainIDE has now incorporated the test network supporting Libra Move language and the corresponding full set of developer kits. ChainIDE is currently the only cloud development environment that can compile, execute, test, deploy, and invoke the Libra Move language with one click. The update of ChainIDE this time includes the WM-TestNet (8b7b9ae) test network, along with a full set of developer kits including built-in wallets, sidechains, and browsers. Compared to the Libra test network node environment isolatedly run by several existing development teams, ChainIDE greatly improved developers’ efficiency and could deploy the contract for Libra Move within 1 minute.

In the future, ChainIDE will access more test networks in the Libra environment and provide one-click integration into the main network after the Libra main network is opened.

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