Multiple local clients generating different accounts (local swarm network)

Hi, is there a way to have several clients running locally but generating different accounts?

I am running 1 local swarm with 4 nodes and I am connecting 2 clients to that swarm.

0.- I start the swarm and connect 2 local clients to that swarm.
1.- I create an account in client 1 using “account create” and I get account: ‘451ebecbdf1055fc18517cfc9a6fc8fcfd79f80dd0504bd40c0dac88bb18a83c’
2.- I go to client 2 and run “account list” but I get nothing.
3.- In client 2 I run “account create”, but I get the same address created in client 1 ‘451ebecbdf1055fc18517cfc9a6fc8fcfd79f80dd0504bd40c0dac88bb18a83c’.

It’s weird that they don’t see each others accounts (it’s expected more than weird), but they are generating the same address. There must be a seed I need to change to generate different accounts but I can’t find it.

Any ideas on how to create different accounts on different local clients?

Thx! :+1:


Seed is a file located at libra/scripts/cli/client.mnemonic. It is generated the first time you run the client.


Thank you @the729, I found it but in my case it was in /libra/client.mnemonic

I’ll use --mnemonic_file option via command line now to specify different mnemonics for each client.

-n | --mnemonic_file — The file location from which to load the mnemonic word for user account address/key generation. If not passed, a new mnemonic file is generated in the current directory by libra_wallet.