MultiLibra is a multilingual, non-custodial Libra cryptocurrency wallet.

Released today, the first version is now live at

It takes less than a minute to create/restore a wallet and receive 100 testnet LBR, so give it a try.

Multiplatform and open-source.


Good job. How do you support so many languages at the same time?

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Hi, to make MultiLibra available for different languages, these are the steps taken so far.

  1. Keeping all textual content simple and to a minimum.
  2. Using visual language where possible, because it is multicultural.
  3. Initial translations for simple words and phrases were done with Google Translate. More complex/important parts were left untranslated intentionally.
  4. MultiLibra invites people to further update existing translations and create new ones. More details available on our translations repository.