MoveOnLibra : a set of Restful APIs for Libra App and Move smart contracts

Following the recommendations of the webmaster, we repost MoveOnLibra Introduction at “What I Made”. The original post is here.

MoveOnLibra API is now compatible with latest(2019-12-11) Testnet.

The MoveOnLibra open API is used to develop Libra applications and smart contracts, aiming to make life as a Libra developer easier. There are currently five groups of API:

  • Transaction, query transaction from the libra blockchain network, as well as submit transaction(mint and p2p transfer)
  • Address, query account info by address from the libra blockchain network
  • Event, query events by address from the libra blockchain network
  • Wallet, create and use custodial wallets managed by MoveOnLibra, one wallet can have multiple accounts and every account have a unique address on the Libra network.
  • Move, smart contracts development using move IR. Support compile move source code, publish module on-chain and execute custom scripts on devnet hosted by MoveOnLibra.

The MoveOnLibra devnet is online again, compatible with latest testnet.

The devnet support publish and execute smart contract. The blockchain explorer for devnet is here.