Move IR syntax, and relation to Rust

Hi everybody,

I was looking for more details about Move IR syntax, and I didn’t found a lot.
Especially, it’s not clear for me what is the right relation between Move IR and Rust. I understood that Move IR has a lot of characteristics of Rust like First Class Resources and so on. And then I understood that the compiler, the verifier and the VM are built in Rust.

But which is the right relation between Move IR and Rust? Is there any doc or paper that explains well the Move IR syntax?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, @golazo96 If you haven’t yet, I suggest you read the Move paper here:

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I already read it. But it still doesn’t clear for me if there’s any relation between Rust syntax and Move IR syntax.



There is no direct connection between them. Rust and Move are separate languages. Move has some similarities to Rust but it also shares things in common with many other programming languages. The current implementations of the Move compiler and VM are written in Rust, but there is no reason they could not be implemented in some other languages.

Does that answer your question?