Move IDE v0.3 published, you can now run scripts inside VSCode

Hi! Just published new release of Move IDE. You can now use Move: Run Script command and it will execute your script locally (with dependencies from ‘modules directory’ and standard library).

0x0::Debug is supported too! So print-debugging is now possible.

New features:

  • MLS now supports multiple workspaces
  • Config watching added - MLS will instantly update its configuration of config file change
  • Improved syntax highlighting (spec syntax will soon be released too!)
  • Move Runner inside

Please share your experience with this package and feel free to open new issue with feature requests!

Note: move_from is currently unsupported by Move Runner, though will be included in next release. Script arguments will soon be there too!

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UPD: current v0.3.5 supports move_from.

Upcoming v0.4 will have built-in support of tasks and commands will be run from terminal in more native manner.

New v0.3.7 is on air.

  • assert built-in
  • standard library at 0x1
  • updated move-build, move-runner and MLS to newer versions
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Just published v0.3.8

  • const syntax included
  • libra stdlib is latest
  • fixed module members import highlighting

One more thing. Since version v0.3.10 Move IDE supports Windows!