Mint doesn't work under linux ubuntu


I’m a newbie within libra and just play around with it. After creating Alice and Bob account as described in the documentation I tried to mint some libra.

libra% acount mint 0 110
Unknown command: “acount”
libra% account mint 0 110

Minting coins
Mint request submitted
libra% account mint 1 52

Minting coins
Mint request submitted
libra% query balance 0
Balance is: 0.000000
libra% query balance 1
Balance is: 0.000000

but the balance of the two accounts are empty. What’s wrong ?


Alexandre Jaquet

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The same problem

Same here (MacOS).
I’m on latest on testnet branch (commit 8b7b9ae47cc92da22113fd98d66826b924c0e239).

Just to be more specific, it is not clear if the minting is not working or get_balance. I minted to an address using the POST endpoint ( and I can see that it was minted on but get_balance returns 0 in Libra Rust client.

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It is being tracked here:

Testnet branch is broken since last reset, see this post testnet broken

You can use the code of master branch to connect the testnet blockchain instead of the testnet branch.

It seems testnet has some bug with mint transaction now.

The mint transaction is accepted by validator, but the execution is failed, no events emits.

After test with libra-client, I mint coin successful.

%libra a mb 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 1
%libra a balance 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
“balance”: 1

The difference between libra-client and official libra is that libra-client use micro libra instead of libra as unit. When you mint 1 coin in libra shell, it acctually mint 1000000 micro libra.

It seems that mint a large amount coin will failed. That’s weird.

Can you report on the github issue? It will help. Thanks!

Clearly, the testnet has never been stabilised since its launch and i think the system is still at an experimental stage somehow.

I am in the same boat . This could be an issue ?

Bug have disapear now thanks :slight_smile: