Mining or buying

Hello Everyone,

Can we mine or buy Libra?

If yes where should I go?and what should I do?

Only members of the Libra Association will be able to process transactions, Libra will not rely on mining.

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How can I join?
I wanna be a member


Do you have more than $1 billion USD in market value or greater than $500 million USD customer balances and greater than 20 million people a year, multinationally ?

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Hahahahah no I don’t

You can eventually purchase these tokens. The closest similarity these tokens will have is akin to “stablecoin” where they will backed by a basket of currencies

Libra is not for mining, there is another philosophy behind, it represents tangible assets in life, we can say it is a set or basket of assets like Euro, Dollar, real estate, it is not volatile like other cryptocurrencies, but keep in mind nodes of validation are held by shareholders. now it is up to you to see it as positive area of investment or negative,