Medical and Medic Aid Blockchain

Medical Marijuana and Medical health product regulations and trails could effectively be managed by the LIBRA BLOCKCHAIN. I AM IN TOUCH WITH MY COMMUNITY IN MPP about what we can do and how we could fast track and ensure the highest quality standards and the same time build resources and value via the Libra blockchain health service platform as this health services is on demand from all the levels of user and operators seller and manufacturers within the USA and other global economics that recognises Marijuana as a healthcare aid, natural herbs and curative drug or medicine.
The legality might be touchy in some states and country however that gives us the 1st mover blockchain market advantage.

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How does a blockchain help manage health product regulations and/or trials? I can imagine various ideas, but I am curious what you have in mind.


The Libra blockchain could be integrated with AI and robotics. The features of AI having completed the simulation and with self upgrades features could serve Medical sciences on several levels… The areas that appeals to me is the 3rd world needs and gaps in medical professionals during emergencies and natural disasters…
.The areas of blockchain aided tests reports and research is being carried out by Cognizant medical group.
AI and robotics and drones could effectively come into good use delivery of drugs and initiating rescue and 1st aid and completing certain medical services remotely… The details to make this completed process relies on deeper research.

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