Mainnet Release?

Hi just wondering when mainnet will be released roughly and how libra will be made :
by mining or node run minting ?

Hi, @CodeMaster. The Libra Association has not announced a date for mainnet. If you read the Libra white paper’s section on how the Libra Association will function (, this provides a good explanation. Once mainnet is launched, only the Association (which is made of member organizations who run validator nodes) will create (mint) or destroy (burn) Libra coin. Until then, you can explore how the Libra Blockchain works (including minting) through our public testnet (see steps here:

Hi @CodeMaster

The mainet will be launch Mi-2020 according to the White paper

But personally they will delay it to end 2020 or 2021. ( because of a regulatory problem they are facing).

Libra is created by minting, it’s the Libra Association who is responsible for creating and destroying Libra.

It’s not the same like Ethereum or Bitcoin where node run and mint Coins.
The Libra association is the only party able to create (mint) and destroy (burn) Libra.

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