Looks like the testnet has just been reset, but the code has not been updated

Looks like the testnet has just been reset, but the code of testnet branch has not been updated.

I had a problem parsing the account state data.


I also met this problem.I don’t know what reason.

But. read delegatedWithdrawalCapability then read a byte.
It’s no problem.

Yeah, weird. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

It should be this commit which changed account state data:

commit b48bf255dff93c51465a6289b3c7c6e88181dd69
[LibraAccount] Add capability for key rotation

The testnet branch is broken.

Any ETA on fix for something like this?

+1 im also seeing this breaking my local client

You can use the code of master branch to connect the testnet blockchain instead of the testnet branch.

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// The current authentication key.
// This can be different than the key used to create the account
authentication_key: bytearray,
// The coins stored in this account
balance: LibraCoin.T,
// If true, the authority to rotate the authentication key of this account resides elsewhere
delegated_key_rotation_capability: bool,
// If true, the authority to withdraw funds from this account resides elsewhere
delegated_withdrawal_capability: bool,
// Event handle for received event
received_events: Event.Handle<Self.ReceivedPaymentEvent>,
// Event handle for sent event
sent_events: Event.Handle<Self.SentPaymentEvent>,
// The current sequence number.
// Incremented by one each time a transaction is submitted
sequence_number: u64,

It is indeed a parameter of type bool added delegated_key_rotation_capability.

I don’t know why the mainline branch code is mixed with the test code.

Thanks for the clarification. We have added delegated_key_rotation_capability to our accountState LCS deserialization