Local validator node requirement

just observed disk space full after running local validator node for several hours.
What’s suggested system requirement for a local validator node?
And how to clean up disk space for it from regular operation perspective?


If you are on a Debian-based Linux flavor check your /tmp/ directory – when your start up Swarm it will tell you where the config and log files are – it is probably from a lot of logs, or you restarting a local node without connecting to the existing one

I have a 64GiB EBS volume attached to my local testnet and it hasn’t ate through it nearly as fast as you have mentioned

Thank you for sharing! After cleaning other stuff on the server, I managed to free up several gigabytes space. So far so good. It seems libra is not disk sucker due to current tps.

update. disk space decreased on 10GB/day pace. Still working on it.


Try passing the -d flag when you kick off Swarm to turn off detailed Logging if you can do without it