- a huge update of the explorer

Hi everyone!

I continue developing my project on Libra Blockchcain, and I just added there a chart which shows daily changes of peer to peer transactions!
In adddition, I’ve made better mobile responsive (you can check on your mobile)


wow, looks awesome.
gonna test it now


Hi everyone!
About the update:

  • new design
  • transaction status is displayed (Success or Failed)
  • top accounts
  • you can view your contracts on the MoveViewer page

@Rio900 Nice good work +1


Good job!
Can you add functionality to show all smart contracts in the network? And info about them?

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I’ll add it, but later. Now only two contracts deployed in blockchain

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i think that it should be displayed anyway even if there’re only two smart contracts because it’s not obvious to ordinary people

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Well, maybe you’re right. In the second generation of testnet some people have deployed new contracts “create_new_account”

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wow, libra added the ability to deploy smart contracts, new update is coming soon :wink:

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Can you please provide more info on this?

sure, they added new comands in libra CLI:

usage: dev

Use the following args for this command:

compile | c <sender_account_address>|<sender_account_ref_id> <file_path> [is_module (default=false)] [output_file_path (compile into tmp file by default)]
Compile move program
publish | p <sender_account_address>|<sender_account_ref_id> <compiled_module_path>
Publish move module on-chain
execute | e <sender_account_address>|<sender_account_ref_id> <compiled_module_path> [parameters]
Execute custom move script
submit | submitb | s | sb
<signer_account_address>|<signer_account_ref_id> <path_to_raw_transaction> Suffix ‘b’ is for blocking.
Load a RawTransaction from file and submit to the network

i still didn’t have enough time to check how it works, but this functionality opens new possibilities

thats what i already tried:

  1. Compiled using this command: dev c 9d410e33e1f4a07d9265362dce56e9b2a8b015d34c9723751d5f9afb7b6baee9 /home/osboxes/libra/language/stdlib/transaction_scripts/create_account.mvir false
    Successfully compiled a program at /tmp/.tmp1mGSDA
  2. Tried to publish: dev p 9d410e33e1f4a07d9265362dce56e9b2a8b015d34c9723751d5f9afb7b6baee9 /tmp/.tmp1mGSDA
    Transaction failed with vm status: Validation(UnknownScript)

I think i used the wrong .mvir contract however i’ll investigate


I think because create_account is a transaction script rather than module, you should not use publish or execute option of dev but submit instead. However I get below error:

[ERROR] Failed to perform transaction: Cannot deserialize file located at /var/folders/11/_zc0fggd65v00d68mnj7lt_40000gn/T/.tmp5CYizl as RawTransaction

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In the new ubdate was changed schem for AccountResource, a sly byte was added after balance field delegated_withdrawal_capability, be careful :frowning:

What about smart contracts, in the previous test net network was deployed only three contracts

  1. mint
  2. pay_from_sender
  3. create_account - thats why i tried to deploy create_account, but maybe the contract in blockchain was deployed by some guys from libra
    As there are no other contracts in the public network I suppose nobody can deploy contracts

Good call about delegated_withdrawal_capability!

Actually, forward compatibility is a huge problem with the current design. Any updates like this would have been a fork of the blockchain if it was the mainnet.


so man, how about displaying smart contracts?
I’m still looking forward ))

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I added a page “Different Smart Contracts in the Libra Network”, now if new contract is deployed in the public network you will see:

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Am I have any ability to view list input transactions to smart contract, accounts, maybe traffic? I talk about minimum functionality to control of life cycle of smart contract.

I’ll add this functionality a little bit later when libra team add an ability to deploy more complex smart contracts. Thx for testing

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TestNet was updated again

  1. changed mint address to 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000a550c18
  2. Mining bots were switched off, so the dynamic of the blockchain growth decreased.
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:warning: IMPORTANT: :warning:
delegated_withdrawal_capability changed it place. Now it is behind the balance. Update you SDK for AccountBalance

Actual order: