LibraExplorer with live TPS!

We built a Libra blockchain browser on testnet!
Plz remember the site name :
we think this is easier to view all trans deals on Libra testnet.
Hope it do help for starters.

Libra China is a local community initiated by a fans group.
We aim to promote the philosophy and the technologies behind the Libra blockhain in China.
In addition to tech sharing, hackathon and local meetups, we will also contribute to the open source projects. Currently we have a community of ~900 members and a management team of 6 members. We run the website, the online forum and social media like Weibo and Wechat Public Account. We are now the largest Libra community in China.

Welcome to join!

Wechat Public Account “Libra节点”
Twitter: @ librachinaorg

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Interested, that very cool.

Great work. It would be nice if it can disassembly the underlying Move smart contract. It could also be huge if it has online wallet.

Hi Edulibra !
I’m manager fromLibraChina! And we built [LibraBlock](http://
we want to friendly link you on our site…Plz give me your logo and site-link if you like.
Thank you!

Can i have your email or skype? I will make the private chat. Thank you!

ps: there will never be some perfect tool at anytime!
so we are thinking about open source for LibraBlock!

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Would love to have a look at the code!

great work it is!
LibraBlock is quite a good name, easy to remember

Is is developed to be connected from DB?