- new API to build on top of the Libra Blockchain today!

We are excited to unveil a revamp of the original Libra Testnet explorer —, and our new Libra Blockchain API for developers.

Our Libra RESTful API is a tool for developers to easily interface with the Libra network and build applications on top of it.

To start building, all you need is to get an API token.

Our Blockchain API main features include:

  • Blockchain general information: uptime, latest version, network status, etc.;
  • Libra account details;
  • List of blockchain transactions;
  • Transactions list for a specific account (address);
  • Single transaction details;
  • Testnet faucet to get Testnet funds for an address.

We also provide a Testnet wallet API that allows:

  • Generate multiple wallets under your developer token, each wallet having separate user token;
  • Get the underlying secret (mnemonic) for a wallet (to use in other Libra clients);
  • Get data and a list of transactions for a wallet’s account;
  • Submit peer-to-peer transactions to the network.

You can find the full API documentation here.

Read more about the technical approach we took in the technical section of this Medium post.