is open-source now!

LibraChina has open source our code for!
Welcome any commit or stars!
and welcome using our service to build your own libra-browser



Thanks for this sharing!

did you check out the grant program ? we would love to help you build librablock

Hi @Marvin, you are welcome to use my go-libra client library, which will give you full crypto verification of every RPC response. So you don’t have to worry about man-in-the-middle.

Meanwhile, it can decode AccountBlob gracefully without magic strings :wink: :wink: :wink:

Really Great work it is! We will use it

@Marvin – Thanks for open sourcing this! It’s great to see these contributions. As a quick suggestion, I didn’t see a LICENSE file in the repository. See I am not a lawyer, but generally the MIT or Apache 2.0 license is optimal for re-use of code within the community (Libra uses Apache 2.0)

Great Thank for your notion!
We already add license file in the doc after your kindly reply.
We will do more things for Libra Contribution

I think that it may be libra wallet, I’m not sure