Libra Within Nigerian Schools and SMEs

I have a strong feeling that the best for Libra in Nigeria is within this 2 groups of users.And app with the direct solution to address these groups will make Libra the best adaptive and easy to go to apps for handling the Needs of Nigerians.
And this is the direction of me and my team, among other basic direction primarily after the boot camp and on-wards.


Okay we are approaching camp season and new reality are coming into play proving the needs and desires and so we push on harder and further…My team assistance Bishop Rayvic will be join these planform and we are presently testing low end device that would enable young and youthful Nigerians and African with as little as $25 dollars own an Android device to participate in the digital sphere and global economy…I will upload details of our analysis of this device and we shall get independent journalist to use the same device and return with feedbacks that would be published in dailies and weekly and online editions of there papers.
Thank you!

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