LIBRA - Welcome to Africa

We are open for LIBRA business…what up for grabs???

Hi, and welcome to the community!

The Libra project is currently in pre-launch/test mode. Once Libra is launched (and at this time, we do not have a confirmed launch date), you will be able to buy Libra through exchanges that list it, or through applications that have been built to let you purchase Libra through their payment systems. To get the latest news on our progress, you can subscribe to our developer newsletter here:

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Hello @jd119 how are you?
I hope we can get resources information and heads up details on plans for the region… I expect at eventual launch of Libra, expectedly the blockchain and finacial unit of exchange would assumedly fashion-out strategic operations to taking up regional relevance and colourations and with a defined position either within the financial inclusion margin and basic relevant needs…,we at LIBRA should be ready to guide the developers group on the next stage of integration.
We must not allow commercial viability only to just define our area of interests.

We must make out roles and provide buffers for new creative development that would either see LIBRA SHOULDERING KEY needed system structures and these would make the LIBRA ecosystem a natural attraction(Am looking forward to Boot Camp 2) to both government and her agencies and new investors coming into African countries. And LIBRA would naturally reap up the benefits providing these strategic structures in fees and rates better attraction to businesses, because of for their easy of operations within Africa provided by LIBRA & LIBRA-Based apps and features…
These is my advise and position to the LIBRA Association and other Partners…This way it would deepen our blockchain’ scope of adaptability and the LIBRA Ecosystems’ relevance to much more sector(s) wide and types of industries.

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Hi, @Nokomy. Thanks for your comments! We just published a blog with technical roadmap updates here: Keep the comments coming in!