Libra Wallet app with KYC


Would like to share with you the libra wallet that we have develop which combine with electronic identity verification for KYC compliance. Feel free to download the android app and together with its source code.source code

And let us know your thought, improvement, suggestion, etc so we can continue to improve the app. The app and source code will be updated based on the progress of Libra Blockchain. If anyone interested to implement identity verification or digital identity for Libra, we provide REST API for the functionalities. Kindly refer to the github for further detail. Thanks



I have downloaded the app, but did not find any KYC functionality.
I also had a look at, but it is not clear to me how this is integrated with the app.

Can you explain a little?



Hi Michael, apologies for the late reply as we previously shifted focus to e-kyc module only and didn’t support the libra app for quite some time. However we have currently move back to the sample app and have updated the app version and their service. Actually the sample app of libra only perform KYC when user register at the profile page. The app allows a maximum of 50 libra per day while more transfer will require to sign up and perform kyc. The kyc consist of liveness which will automatically capture your selfie after you have performed the necessary action and we will do a facial match with either your passport or identity document (Currently only malaysia and indonesia) where we will also perform OCR to extract your data from the id document and last but not list, verify if you are a political exposed person or if you falls under a country sanction and we will produce a summary report as well.

If you purely need to test how the kyc works, you can use this sample app (Please refer to version 1.1.0) where you don’t need to key in anythg, but only to perform the liveness verification and submit an id document to see the report. The source code is available in github as well together with the mobile sdk for liveness at

Great, thank you very much! I have tried the eKYC funtionality with a swiss passport and it worked well :slight_smile: If I may ask what technologies / services are you using for

  • liveness check?
  • face comparison?
  • which OCR text extraction tool?
  • Sanction / PEP Check?

What about privacy, for example GDPR?



Hi Michael,

Thanks for trying up the app. In fact we use our own technology for the detection and recognition.
Liveness check was done locally from the mobile sdk available in the github where we will track your facial feature and head pose estimation. I cant disclose much about the face comparison and OCR part but definitely using facial match algorithm whereby we will extract your id document facial region and compare it with your selfie. Sanction and PEP check we did extract from multiple source as this this information doesn’t have a proper format so you might need to write a bot to auto extract the information and inject into the database on a periodic basis. We do have consultant on this field to work with us together to make this happen. In terms of GDPR, we do not currently have any explicit declaration for this because we try to provide the app as open source(Sample app let user build a KYC compliant app) and user will be liable to manage the customer information. If refer to the customer personal data extracted from the id document itself, actually we do not store the information at this point. Developer who implement this technology will need to keep track of the information either in their database or in the device locally. Whatever information sent over to the server for processing will be removed upon successful verification. The server merely extract the data and compute the face match.