Libra transferred, but balance unchanged. How is this possible?

Hi all, I made a transaction which can be viewed here:

It seems 43 Libra has been transferred into the account but the balance is still the same as it was after new Libra was minted. Could anyone shed some light at why this happened?


Max gas was set too low, the transaction (#9681) was not executed successfully, even if it was included in the ledger. You can check that there was no output events.

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If you look at the txn , it has a failed status. Out of the 3 transactions at only 2 was successful and 1 failed (with a red mark).

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Actually, you didn’t display max gas amount correctly on

Max gas amount is the max amount of gas units, instead of the max gas total price. For example, if max_gas_amount = 100, gas_price = 2, then max_gas_total_price = 2*100 = 200.

See for example transaction.

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Hola a todos dande puedo comprar libra?