Libra Token Price

Hi what price will be LIBRA Tokens? any idea?


This is just speculation, but I think it could be similar to the pricing of Tether. The price might remain very similar to the price of the underlying reserves and then fluctuate slightly based on how optimistic people are the currency in general.

It’s just like euro when it first started. If it succeeds, it will probably replace USD as the base currency

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Is it known when the tokens go on sale and on which platform?

$1 = 1 Libra
I thing

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As per the FAQs, there’s no announced date as to when it’ll all be made fully publicly available.

Is it real the libra stable coin in coinmarketcap?

Well, Libra is a basket of real assets, the most important that it is not volatile, no matter how much it will cost but it will keep the same value along the time,