Libra Move Language extension for VSCode


SDKBox team releases a Move language (syntax highlighting, snippets) extension for Visual Studio Code:


  • Code snippets
  • Syntax highlighting


  • Hash
  • LibraAccount : The module for the account resource that governs every Libra account
  • LibraCoin
  • Signature
  • ValidatorSet
  • libra.scripts

Hope you enjoy it. Any feedback, suggestion are welcome. :wink:


That is awesome! (And it was fast!)

Pull request is welcome, let’s make it better together.


Nice job!
Do you deploy some smart contract in blockchain?
If yes give me pls number of transaction

works perfectly ! color coding is nicer indeed

@lucas Thanks.

I want to add compile contract feature to this extension with this pr.

The extension supports compile Move contract with dev branch.

Can someone help to test on macOS ?

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It’s working fine on macOS.

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Does it work on windows?

Thank you for your feedback.

The Compiler not works on Windows currently, but I am trying to build it.

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2019-07-01: 0.0.9 has been released

supports compile Move contract locally on macOS.



Great job, well done to the team!

Thank you!
Any feedback about the extensions is welcome.

I will test it and come back to you. I 'm trying to right a first smart contract. Any guideline will be helpful. this link can help you.

Compiled successfully with WSL (linux in windows), but with Windows, I got bellow error:

awesome, great job! I will try it

great job ! I will try it again today .

Hi, @yinjimmy.

Move Runner is NPM/Cargo like tool for Move project. I think it might work with your tool together.