Libra Latam (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia ...)

Any developers from Latin America? Introduce yourselves.

I’m a developer specialized on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects based in Mexico. While adoption here has been a bit slow, we have had some success and the industry is open to embrace it. We think Libra will be very good for some specific use cases, if you want to discuss that drop me a message!

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Hi @almosnow I am Developer from Guatemala :), I’m not an expert in blockchain, but I like the subject, so I hope that Libra is the reason why I started to get more involved in blockchain.

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Hi guys! My name is Fabiano Bitar - I am from Brazil. Here, I am the CEO of POSSIBLE, a wunderman thompson wpp agency. I know better customer journey and Marketing Technology and BI - I am in this community to connect with people who I can learn mora about blockchain. Hope we can connect someday! Cheers!

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Hi everyone, this is Henry Latourrette from Asunción, Paraguay. Estoy aquí para aprender y contribuir en lo que pueda.

Creo que Libra será la criptomoneda que finalmente prevalecerá sobre las demás alt-coins.

Hopefully we could help each other and make the Libra get adoption in our region.

Hello guys I’m Mischell Pérez from Ecuador. For the moment I’m just an economics student, but I think that I share with you the vision about the incredible potencial that Libra has inside. I just know the basic principles of Blockchain and I really like to become a developer. I feel really optimist with this project and if there is any way in wich I could hepl some of you since my country, please feel free to contact me :grinning:.
I really want to help!
Regrads, Mischell