Libra in Telegram

Hello, we have a Libra tech talks Telegram group.
So, if you are using this app and want to have a talk about Libra – you are welcome at our group.

If you are seeking for developers, you can easily reach it there.

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Hey not sure if you know but there a Libra Devs group on Telegram with +120 devs there see here:


You may be surprised, there will be a hundred such groups for developers, this ancient tradition of Slavic peoples to create a group in the Telegram right away as soon as they come to the new project. In addition to this group, I already know 4. The more the better and trust them there will be a lot.

Surprised how much that tread goes.

Thanks for sharing.
A Discord group is a private group in TG, so it’s not for everyone I suppose.

Don’t know about Slavic peoples, but I think we all can find a better place for each.
And @bonustrack don’t look like Slavic race, so your sentence is strange. Can you explain what you mean?

Is there official telegram channel ?for news and announcement

Nope, this is not an official group.

This is the main group on Telegram. And there also links to TON projects. Many members of the group is a TON devs also.