Libra exchange (Mtus)

Creation of exchange libra

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Hi, @Mardoche. We’d love to learn more about your project. Would you be able to provide more details?


Hi, I’m so happy to hear from you. I’m an entrepreneur in recycling in Mauritius. I am a crypto enthusiast but had some difficulty with programming.
In fact crypto currency is not well reputed here although Mauritius has a financial hub and a very dynamic tourist industry well reputed worldwide but as Facebook is well reputed in my country and the whole world. I do think that its a great opportunity for all business minded people in Mauritius and the world. I even think Mauritius may become a centre for Facebook libra activity. An exchange in fiducial currencies like the usd euro and mur in particular to start will help develop the platform.
Mauritius is bilingual French and English and we have economic ties with India, China, UK. France and Africa.
I have recently been appointed promoter and have added two of my international contact one from the US and one from China and
One of our community member Nkomo of lagos Africa is in discussion with me of potential investor in Mauritius towards his agricultural projects. The government is encouraging local enterprise and banks to invest in Africa. I think that a commission can be derived by our platform through libra association
I have created a group on Facebook which now numbers 150 members having shown interest in libra currency and some of which are internationals. I’m now looking for those capable of joining us as developers.
I’m stuck in the testnet with wallet creation and transfer.
I do think that you may be the right person there to help me achieve my goals.
I have a special email address now
Humbly yours

Mardoche (Harold Marie)