Libra dashboard

Why can’t we sign into our dashboard?


Could you be more specific?

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I don’t know how more specific this person needs to be the question is really straightforward. I also can’t sign into the dashboard and neither can my mother, we both had money into Libra and now we can’t access it. In fact it says our accounts don’t exist. I now have a reason to believe that we were robbed by Libra and I even email support and nothing no response.

Hi, @Ajq50. The Libra project is only in test mode at this time; this developer community is open to developers working on their own projects that run on our public testnet. These developers are learning about the Libra Blockchain and how they might build products and services for it once we do formally launch. As of this date, no Libra Coins have been issued, and the Association is not currently involved in any offering of Libra Coins. The only official Libra site is, and you should only trust information about the Libra project that you find on our official site.