Libra - custom network and currency

This is my first message, and i apologies if I am asking already discussed questions, i tried to search…

My requirements are simple: blockchain (distributes ledger) technology with
Separate network,and currency support,

My question is right now should i go Libra or something else … (hiperledger… etc) … i really like libra and leaning towards it…

does libra support spinning out a separate network with its own gennesis block etc … and if so, can you point out resources that i can read up , about those subjects: 1)libra with separate network and 2) libra- custom currency minting etc?


Hi, link that you gave me is “Move language READMe” ?? :slight_smile:
that is such a generic link … you are basically telling me to RTM … i understand, It must be done at some point, but before i step into that road of manual reading … i wanted to hear some peoples experiences, how difficult, easy it is to sip seperate network or mint custom coin… etc …

How to believe that libra will be free network without regulations when my answer was deleted :slight_smile:

I also want to know how to setup my own network.

looks like this is not a popular question to ask… or community is small…

just to simplify… how do we spin off our own testnet… so only our team can do development on it …???

I’m not from the Libra team so take my answer with a grain of salt.

Like most other open source projects, anyone can fork, modify, build, deploy, or otherwise exploit Libra Core code. In fact the Libra Association managed testnet that everyone is connecting to runs the same codebase that is openly available on Github.

As the CLI client stands currently you can already easily spin up local testnet with swarm option and specify number of nodes to run. If your goal is to setup a separate test net across multiple servers then I suggest you follow the instructions in below thread.