Libra clients for other languages

As I understood from the source code the official client, that’s written in Rust, uses gRPC as a binary format to communicate in the RPC.

Do you plan to create clients for other languages like Python, Go and etc?


May I extend the question for Java?


There is still no answer.
The team, it is not planned yet to add clients?

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Hi yehors, we will be looking into creating SDKs for other languages, but have nothing available currently and I cannot give a definitive timeline. By using proto libraries in other languages, you should be able to connect fairly easily to testnet using whatever your preferred language is. I’m happy to answer questions if you need assistance, but we do not currently have clients in other languages


Hi kph, along those lines of using the proto library can you point me to the right direction on decoding the output for the getTransactionsResponse. Specifically how do we decode the “rawTxnBytes” ?

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Raw transaction bytes is actually just the proto serialized bytes of the RawTransaction object. So you’d simply use the proto library to deserialize the raw bytes into a RawTransaction object


Thanks for the answer, kph.

Where are proto files that I can compile to preferred language?

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Please look at types/src/proto and admission_control/admission_control_proto/src/proto


Hoping @kph’s answers helps you folks connect to the testnet through your preferred language.

It might fun to start a new topic about preferred proto/gRPC libraries for your language.

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