Libra CLI, txn_acc_seq, Transaction not available

this happens when you account has only IN transaction.
txn_acc_sec - show only Out transaction

Oh I see, thanks.
Is there a way to get both in and out transactions related to an address?

Only download all blockchain in a database
If you need i might create api in my libraview for get transactions

Well, I guess that could be handy for many folks!

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You can see all in and out transactions by querying events. You can specify sent or received events which will give you a listing of the transaction versions. You can use that to query for further information on those transactions

Send me please example of query

@kph Thanks. Is there a way to query also the mint events?
Apparently “query event …” is not returning those.


q ev 1 received 0 true 10

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@lorepieri8 good question - since mint isn’t something that will likely exist in its current form once we move beyond testnet, we haven’t put a ton of effort into that. You could query for events on the mint account, but then you’re going to see every mint event for any account which isn’t overly useful for you. So essentially, there isn’t a great way to do this right now, sorry :frowning:

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How can will buy the coin