Libra Checker

We have released a new open-source minimalist Libra block explorer: Libra Checker

The tutorial, explaining how to set up the back-end from scratch is available on our blog.

Libra Startup


Good job, thanks for sharing.

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Hi, thanks for sharing and look like minimalist and good
but the search engine not operating very well on any libra address, every time return popup message.


Hi lorepieri8 and Mehdi, thank you for the feedback.

Mehdi, can you please write how to reproduce the issue? It should return a popup alert only when the entered address length is not equal to 64 characters and is greater than 32 (source).

Here it works as expected.


Oh, I found the source of the problem its not the search engine, it’s funny and banal, when you double click a libra adress in the browser it’s auto selected and then crtl+c but with a hidden space at the end like this …ec2557cf(here a space selected) so the length is not correct that why every time I do a search it’s return the popup msg.

Now working OK up & running very well, thank you.


Will fix this white space UX bug in the next version. Thanks for the feedback.


Fixed the bugs, also added the FAQ section ( with some interesting questions, mostly taken from the discussion on bitcointalk.

Your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.


Libra Checker has been updated recently and is now running on the latest Libra testnet.

A quick tip: Use a direct link to access a specific address or transaction details, e.g.:

More updates and features are on the way.


Thanks for your share, it’s incredibly helpful.

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Good to hear that you find it useful.

The latest source files are available on our GitHub:

The tutorial on our blog will be updated soon, to reflect the latest changes.


@LibraStartup Sure. thanks for your generosity.


Libra Checker is now running on the latest Libra testnet.

To decode transactions, we are using LCS written in Python as a Node.js child process.

Also, for the backend, we’ve switched from MongoDB to PostgreSQL.

Some things still left to finish, then GitHub and tutorial update.

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We have updated Libra Checker and it’s now running on the latest (Oct 16) Libra testnet.

Also some new UI updates… Your feedback is always welcome.


Lots of new updates for Libra Checker.

Also, all three Libra Checker’s GitHub repositories were recently updated with the latest source code.

/libra-checker-grpc client now integrates two LCS libraries, one written in Python (thanks to Yuan) and one in JavaScript (thanks to Kulap and Apemon).

With the new code, Libra Checker is now fetching, deserializing and storing multiple Libra transactions at once. The current 4tx/sec speed is on an old laptop, and can run much faster on a more powerful machine + further optimization.

Recent updates for Libra Checker:

  • Moved database to a bigger and faster disk.
  • Added indexing for sender/receiver columns for faster queries.
  • Switched to Python gRPC. Thanks to Yuan Xy for the library.
  • Already synced 8+ million transactions, currently running stable and fast.