Libra, Calibra & 3rd party wallets

Hi all

I have a question regarding Libra and Calibra. So to my understanding Calibra will be a wallet under the control of Facebook and will be representing Facebook in the assembled consortium. However other 3rd parties can also build a wallet on Libra and therefore be in competition to Calibra. It has been mentioned multiple times that KYC is mandatory if somebody wants to open a Calibra account. However my questions concerning this are the following:

  1. Will other 3rd party wallets also have to have mandatory KYC or could they potentially offer access to the blockchain without KYC?

  2. Will Calibra provide the private keys so that a user can switch easily from one wallet provider to another?

  3. Will Calibra be able to “freeze” assets, if they are for example forced to do so by a regulator.

  4. Is the consortium able to “freeze” assets?

Thanks a lot for your answers!