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Is it in the plans to deliver Libra APIs for those developers aimed to integrate Libra transactions in their e-commerce platforms? And, deeper on it, will ever be possible with Libra to move moneys through API’s and authorizations from different accounts in a “marketplace” environment like paypal for partners or stripe connect?

A lot of developers looking for that, I think.

Cheers, from Italy and good luck.


Hi @filipporonco, stay tuned for API improvements, but we would be happy to hear specifics about what you feel would be useful

Hi kph,

thanks a lot for your reply.
Having an API that would allow an application owner to move moneys from the wallet of one user to different users (included the application owner) would be great. It would allow to manage marketplaces, payments and distribution fees in a snap.

Today you can make this through marketplace solutions as paypal for partners (formerly know as paypal ecommerce platform) or trough solutions like stripe connect but the onboarding process of merchant, due to all the regulatory stuff, is infinitely slow, boring, blocking. While almost everyone is ok if you send them money it is very complicated at the moment to accomplish this easy task.

Moreover, if you want to debit a user in the future, classic credit cards and bank authorizations are limited. You can use them just for few days if you want to be sure the moneys are on hold but, even if you just get an authorization to move money from a user to another (splitting your fees), due to the new Strong Customer Authentication rules coming late in 2019, almost everyone will incurr in issues even for those merchant initiated payments flows that sould be smooth while will become an hassle with the sca2 regulation (the user who granted a permission before, could be asked to grant a permission again if the automated payment would not complete in background for any bank or credit card exception.
This will be a mess for all the e-commerce environment (in Europe).

So, if would ever be an API that would allow a user, after a sort of preauth, to move moneys from a wallet to other wallets, just that simple, it would be a snap to make this kind of flow with any barrier.

Just think about it!
We, as developers in the mess, would love something like that from Libra.

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Hi, I have had exactly the same thought. Now, I’m exploring some ideas to set up a simple service as a POC to get feedback from the community. More info soon!

Hi there, kph

I was having completely same question which comes up here. :slightly_smiling_face:

This could be a long shot.

But maybe the team is aiming to meet with actual developers to talk to them for their ideas and opinions at some point?


Good question, I’ll ask our developer relationships team

cc @ericnakagawa

If a member of the team is willing to make the trip, we could organize a meetup in Paris @ “the biggest incubator in the world” in September. Plus that incubator is related to one of the libra’s org founding members :wink: @ericnakagawa. Ping me in private is it something that can be done

Hi kph,

That’s great.:slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:

Thanks a lot.