Libra and the Myth of Orthrus: a two-headed Beast

In Greek mythology there was a two-headed dog called Orthrus who guarded Geryon’s cattle.

As Orthrus, Libra has been divided into two main parts; “The Libra Reserve” and " The Libra Blockchain".

One head will drive Libra’s adoption and value preservation while the second one will set the financial infrastructure.

Libra is able to speak two different languages, one more close to investors and users while the other will speak to software developers and the programming community around the world wide web.

Like a coin Libra got two sides able to attract the interest of a huge audience all around the world.

The business model presented in the white paper seems to be attractive for many:

Banks, exchanges, brokers, custodians and authorised resellers would collect commission and fees for manage, trade and distribute the new currency against the fiat ones.

The investors return of investment will come from the interest in the high-grade government bonds and from the Fx rate differential of the reserve.

Finally, many people will get access to a stable global currency at low cost and with no entry barriers.

For all the above reasons this project has got, since the release, an huge attentions across the world by media, central banks and regulators.

The discussions is just started and this will be a long arduous journey.

The writer’s intention is to enlighten the audience on the potential benefit in joining the Libra project.