Libra and sub project

I am thinking how to bridge in some small project into Libra.
I have a project is global fishing contest.
My partner is building a stadium for people to fish competition.
In our country we have about 80 million fishing people. This stadium capacity is to hold 50 fishing man at one time and will hold fishing contest daily twice. It is just like NBA…till the end there is a final compete. The winner will get a big prize. The revenue are 1) register fee 2) advertisement 3) equipment sales etc. Yearly estimate 1 million US dollar for each stadium. We expect to build 200 stadium in our country and And globally 500 stadiums. Global has 600 million fishing people. We will apply the patent for the stadium. And we have designed the standard competition rules. At the beginning we are thinking of a new fishing token created. Not sure if there is any connection to link it into Libra and build an eco-economic system.

Thanks for everybody’s comments.

Gavin X