I have noticed commits to the libra repository that implements a JSON-RPC interface for libra. I’m curious to know will this replace the gRPC implementation eventually? And how about the LCS serialization, will you keep that or start serializing to JSON with this change?

Hi @2kSiika. Thanks for the question. We have a blog and API spec coming up soon for this. Stay tuned!

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Where is the blog, @jd119 ?

@korrio We’re waiting on a few last details, including publishing the API spec. Thanks for your patience!

Super curious what the reasoning for GRPC -> JSON was?

The Cosmos team seems to be moving in opposite direction of JSON-> GRPC out of desire for a more strongly typed interface.

here is the blog mentioned above:


GRPC does support typed interfaces, but actually our old implementation wasn’t using it in an typed way either (we were transporting bytes before), I wouldn’t classify it being “more” typed than current jsonrpc interface.