JLibra version 0.15.0 released - Batch Requests

A new version of the original Java client library for Libra / Diem - JLibra - has been released. This version brings the following new features:

  • Support for JSON-RPC Batch requests. With this feature it’s possible to bundle several api calls into one http request. (See: https://www.jsonrpc.org/specification#batch)
  • Dependency to simple-json-rpc-client was dropped. Now jlibra has only three runtime dependencies to 3rd party libraries (Jackson for JSON, Bouncycastle for signing and slf4j api for logging)
  • Some fixes after breaking changes in the libra / diem api

Checkout the examples from https://github.com/ketola/jlibra and feel free to join the development now that there seems to be exciting things happening around Diem :star_struck: