It seems that all mint transactions are failed with 'Arithmetic Error'

see details for one transaction:

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Yes, it seems that. I saw the same

What does the arithmetic error mean?

Maybe one of:

  • division_by_zero
  • mod_by_zero
  • overflow_via_addition
  • overflow_via_multiplication
  • underflow_via_subtraction

MajorStatus 4017 right. Yeah all are failing now. Investigating from which moment this is happening

From transaction 111196 the faucet seems to return only a 4017 majorStatus error.
This address was doing a lot of minting with an invalid amount: 62dd1644f771b769a5194cd821d74e15ff2a207e1cf9cc3a3b2845241c0ccdcc

It was already getting a 4017 error and now the faucet seems to be stuck on that error.

Yes, from transaction 111196.

So now what? :smile:
Hope some core devs know that this is going on. It’s weekend, so probably not much will happen

It is really weird, but it seems that the faucet service is stuck in the 4017 error where it does not recover from. I really wonder what is causing it.

I hope the Calibra team is aware. Filed a bug report.

Yes. I have more confidence with which was written by myself :grinning:
Because it’s data is fetched from libra blockchain directly.

Great work with move on libra. Like your approach

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Testnet faucet still stuck…

i guess they will update on Monday

I wonder what the current status is. The mint faucet is quite an important feature and it is broken now

Hi guys I really want to know something about libra for me now nothing seem clear can someone help put me through

As a developer, maybe you can start from this url:

The problem is fixed by reset.

I see. But wondering what caused this in the first place

No code change published so this error will happen again.