Issuance of negotiable instruments within a blockchain governed by Libra's protocol

In this article I elaborate a system (proof of concept) for the construction of negotiable instruments (like cheques and bills of exchange) in a blockchain governed by the Libra protocol. Within the scheme proposed by this paper, negotiable instruments would not be incorporated to written paper any more, but to a private blockchain controlled by the Ministry of Justice. Within such blockchain, documents such as bills of exchange, checks or promissory notes would be represented by “resources” (the equivalent within Libra to Ethereum’s “tokens”), while their issuance would be done by “modules” (intelligent contracts) resident in the accounts of the Spanish Mint (in the case of bills of exchange) and the corresponding commercial banks (in the case of cheques). Some pieces of code written in the Move IR language are shown in the paper, so I would like to read your feedback.

Although the original peer-reviewed article is written in Spanish, I offer an ENGLISH TRANSLATION HERE :

This is the original Spanish paper:

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