Is there any Libra Client API (SDK client) in Java or NodeJS?

I’m trying to build a Libra Explorer by my self, so i want to find a SDK to work with. is anyone know it?
Almost Libra Client API i found out, it’s using command line behind them. Is there any library implements gRPC directly?
Thanks a lot.

Yes, there are some already, have a look here:

Or in Discord, channel “Libra Devs”

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Thank you so much @ice09, I found it and here is the Discord link for anyone else want to join :

Researching it!

Here are a couple that were advertised here:

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I cloned jlibra from github but most of the dependency are still showing up with error, please can build jlibra with ant?

Can you try running “mvn clean install” in the project folder after cloning it. All the dependencies are available in the Maven Central repository.

Thank mvn clean install worked but some classes are still showing up with error, there are some import statements trying to import non existent classes, please did you notice such

The classes required for the libra grpc api are autogenerated in the maven build. Might be that your ide has problems finding those classes.
When you import the project to your ide, try to import all modules except the “jlibra-gprc” module, then your ide should try to use that module from your local maven repo instead of resolving it from the workspace.
Let me know if this helps.

This is the error am getting, in jlibra-core, it cant find classes such as
i have tried importing all modules except the “jlibra-gprc”
Thanks for your assistance so far

see also error in my output window

Please see this for explanation, Maven will be necessary at least for the first build.