Is it possible to help Libra via Rust?

Because I’m a beginner for rust language, and I saw libra is built by rust.
How can i help to test?


Not a dev but you can get the source code for Libra Core here. I’m sure if you go through and find anything you feel needs changing or fixing then you’ll be welcome to contribute.


Ok, got it. i already try it, thanks.


There are quite a few issues on the github site: feel free to pick one up, but first ensure that the author / assignee has the bandwidth to receive support on that issue.


Hi there,
I’m a libra developer with no experience in rust or programing

How can you help me with this?

I will give more details on my projects later.


Mardoche (Harold Marie)

:mauritius: Libra (Mauritius)

@Mardoche The best place to start is on the Libra project documentation site. You’ll find a tutorial there to guide you through a transaction on the public testnet: