Is it possible to create custom tokens on Libra, similar to Ethereum ERC20?

Any information would be useful

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There is no mention of this in the technical documentation. And most likely the possibility of minting custom coins is not and never will be. However, there are projects aimed at integration with this project and for example a project Minter Network based on Tendermint allows you to create your own coins and provide liquidity, including with Libra.

Libra makes use of several cryptographic algorithms:

  • SHA-3 as the main hash function. It is standardized in FIPS 202. It is based on the tiny_keccaklibrary.
  • X25519 to perform key exchanges. It is used to secure communications between validators via the Noise Protocol Framework. It is based on the x25519-dalek library.
  • Ed25519 to perform signatures. It is used both for consensus signatures and for transaction signatures. EdDSA is planned to be added to the next revision of FIPS 186 as mentioned in NIST SP 800-133 Rev. 1. It is based on the ed25519-dalek library with additional security checks (e.g., for malleability).
  • HKDF: HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) based on RFC 5869. It is used to generate keys from a salt (optional), seed, and application-info (optional).
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We have build an example and documented our experience. Check if interested :slight_smile: and would love to hear your comments


Wow! This is amazingly cool!
The repo on the github you linked to contains no licensing info — is this code okay to share and modify for personal and educational use?


Of course. This is MIT licence. We will fix the licence file today. Thanks for pointing out!

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People cant put new modules onto the libra network without having it accepted on git though, right?

We do not control the main libra development. However, you can also create a local environment and build whatever you want.