Is Calibra going to be the " Central Bank" for Libra?


I was wondering who will be elected as “Central Bank” for the new Libra currency ?

Able to supervised the currency evolution and possibly the regulation behind it.

Maybe it is time to think about it

The Libra Association

Thanks @libranodes it is a very interesting paper, but I still got the impression that potential conflict of interest could arise inside this Reserve model.

Please let me know your thought


No the ( IMF) this will be the new global reserve currency the rothchilds gave hint too on there 1988 economists magizine with the Phoenix rising from the ashes of US dollars wearing a crypto currency coin /Tolkien around its neck, this has been planned a long time and it may been the reason bitcoin was born and the gov or fed may of been the one to give us this to give us faith in something else since we lost faith in the US dollar and they needed us to all believe in crypto , and most people don’t see that bitcoin is decentralized meaning it can’t be controlled and the Libra will be centralized meaning it will be controlled so in other words Libra is not a real crypto currency by SATOSHI white paper!