Is Calibra exclusive?

Calibra is quite a good wallet but it seems to just work with FB products like Messenger. It is very troubling since many people use other services like Slack, Hangouts, Discord,… Can another company get verified and develop their own Libra wallets that provide their own integrations (e.g. Mozilla develop their Libra wallet that integrates with Firefox; Google makes one and integrate with Hangouts…) ? Or is Calibra the only way to use Libra?

Hi there,
I refer to your mail which refer to Calibra and Messenger. I wish to know if the game Thug life is associated with future launch of Libra wallet?

Will all the participant of the game be allocated a libra wallet and some libra.?

Will there be a reward for the winners or best performers?

Thank you for your reply.

Mardoche (Harold Marie)

:mauritius: LIBRA (Mauritius)

Is it nobody is sure or is it just no answers yet?

@harymit Thanks for your question. The Libra Association is relying on the community of developers to build products and services that work on the Libra network. Calibra is one such product, and there are many more in the works. I suggest you read the white paper ( to understand the vision and strategy. You can also check the What I Made topic in this Discourse community to see how developers from all over are working on a variety of their own projects to work with the public testnet–wallets, APIs, blockchain explorers, and many more.