Introducing the first consumer-grade non custodial mobile Libra wallet

Very excited to introduce the first-ever native mobile wallet for Libra.

You can send, receive to any LBR wallet, backup, restore your coins next to BTC, ETH, and BNB, in a non custodial wallet without the need of a password, a seed phrase, a private key and of course of KYC. You can verify your transactions on chain and even get real-time push notifications when a transaction is complete.

We took extreme care to the design and user experience. Hope you like it

To get started download here

And activate from the settings (since this is only test net). We will provide your first LBR to get started

read about it here


What is the name of this wallet is this available in android


The wallet is called ZenGo. Not yet available on Android, but it’s in the works. Follow @ZenGo on Twitter for the latest.


Congrats on the successful launch, the wallet is professionally done :+1:


Wow awesome :clap: so excited


Hello there, congrats on lauch !

Should i understand that

is the unique selling point vs “other wallets” ?

Cheers !


Hi Lucas. the claim to faim of ZenGo is extreme simplicity and unparalleled security.
This is the only wallet that provides the ability to have a non custodial solution with near instant setup, back up and recovery without any complexity . We even provide verifiable guarantees your funds will be there for you to us after we stop operating.

Peace of mind.

You may call it the “unique selling point” but we think it s a pretty big one :slight_smile:


just tested it and i can vouch for the simplicity.

Now how do you manage that from a user POV ?

  • email for “usernaming”
  • ios icloud file paired with a facescan (map) for restoring ?
    • if i was on android, what would be the icloud file equivalent ?

what would be an edge case for loosing my funds here ?

i have to :

  • loose my ios phone
  • loose my icloud identifier

so from a user point of view you are saying “our (zengo) identifying and backup system is great” because ios identifier is great on we (zengo) are standing on their shoulders ? that’s pretty ok with me.

I’ve been on the crypto space and I came to realize that the security layer is a mess.

  • 12 words ? => that alone should be a dealbraker for mainstream usage
  • writing stuff (pkeys, mnemonic) in paper and storing in safes ? We are back to 1930
  • 2fa + account password + trade password (hello kucoin) and they still have the access to do whatever they want with my assets ? why bother

cheers ! non custodial seems the way to go for mainstream appeal.

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Thanks Lucas

We answered all of those above in

May I ask you to check it and if you have more questions I will be happy to answer.

What you have to remember. What you know about private key management has to be put aside for a little while because this is a brand new battle tested approach

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Nice stuff @ourielohayon! Looking good! :clap:


on the send feature, can you add a QR code scanner to avoid all the tipping and error prone experience ? Cheers !

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QR is coming. it is embarrassingly late


I sync the wallet from ios to Android…hacker will take advantage of that to my wallet?


Looks beautiful, @ourielohayon I will download it right now! Do you have any plans to implement cross-chain swaps into the app?


Amigo essa carteira pode ser baixada no Windos?