Introducing Move Book

Hello everyone! I want to present to you the Move Book ( Inspired by the Rust Book I’ve collected all the information I could find about Move into a single resource.

Official documentation hasn’t been released yet, so for now it is the biggest source of knowledge about Move language (except for source code which is not so easy to read :laughing: ), and I hope you’ll find it useful in your projects or studies.

Although it is a draft and the book already has a lot to add. I invite you to take a look and help me shape it into something valuable. If you want to participate there’s a lot to do: translations, filling the gaps, and fixing mistakes which I’m sure I’ve made a lot. If that’s too much to ask - I’d love to receive some constructive criticism.

For questions, suggestions, or anything else - open an issue on GitHub.


Wow !! you did a great Job , Damirka . Thanks !!!

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I got the attached error in VS Code using the Move IDE plugin.



Did you try to use a compiler? Doesn’t matter. I’ll roll a patch with newer binary versions in an hour. :ok_hand:t2:

UPD: published v0.3.6, you can pull latest version. It adds support for string literals and includes newer binaries (+ now should support win32).

v0.3.6 works for the run_hello script as well as my preliminary run_collection script.
Thank you for the quick response.


No prob. You’re welcome!

It is hard to track changes in book as language is still in development so I’ll post updates here:

Published constants chapter, syntax samples for script and module included