— Libra testnet blockchain explorer released


We are delighted to present to you the new InLibra blockchain explorer! allows users to explore and analyze the Libra blockchain using various statistical charts to keep track of transaction numbers, network speeds, and changes in the number of addresses as well as their balances. The tool also provides analytics about the number of peer-to-peer transactions taking place in the network through mobile-optimized pages in your local time zones.

Tags and notes. To make development and testing more convenient, you can add tags and notes to an address or transaction of your choice – no registration needed! All the information you need will be available in the browser’s local storage.

InLibra Scanner and Explorer aim to provide a well optimized experience. We hope that you find them fast and useful.

Do share your thoughts with us!

Upcoming updates: Faucet page, API, more charts and statistics.
Best wishes,

The InLibra team

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Looks awesome!
Such a small % of P2P transactions in the network yet.


The network has been reset. InLibra scanner is OK.
Network transaction speed is the same, about 95 TPS.

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Testnet has been reset. Inlibra scanner is up to date.

Can you give me some advice on how to develop a scanner? I’m going to do it