Improving developer experience using Libra command-line client

We noticed quite a few developers having difficulties building the libra command-line client, primarily due to version incompatibilities in build dependencies. To alleviate this, we’ve created a Dockerfile for the client and added it to the GitHub repository under

Building the image and running the client is now straightforward and reproducible:

docker run -it libra_client:latest

Developers who do not wish to build the image themselves will soon be able to download a pre-built image from our public container registry.

One more thing – with this change, you can now run the client on Windows. We hope this will make your lives easier.



Getting an error: Error parsing reference: "debian:stretch as builder" is not a valid repository/tag: invalid reference format

I’m running on windows 10. Could that be a reason I’m getting an error since its not a debian distribution OS.