I just published a javascript library for interacting with Libra

I created a javascript client at https://github.com/perfectmak/libra-core

It is implemented in typescript and the end goal is to make it usable both in node and on browser clients too, but currently, it is mostly compatible with node.

The npm package link is at https://www.npmjs.com/package/libra-core


To install with npm run:

npm install libra-core


You would most likely interact with these two modules

import { LibraWallet, LibraClient } from 'libra-core';


const { LibraWallet, LibraClient } = require('libra-core');

Suggestion and Contribution

It is still under development to add some other features and I’m open to suggestions and contributions.


Wow really good work! This is gold!

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Awesome Work! I imagine using this library with Lambda and API Gateway eventually

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Great stuff, I’d love to join you on this although my TS is not very good.

Yes, this is also my goal.

Thank you. Sure, I’ll love all the help I can get. I’ll put up some issues highlighting upcoming features and then you can pitch in from there most especially on those that don’t require much typescript.

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Types :green_heart:
Thank you.

I just release some updates to the library. Change log can be seen here: https://github.com/perfectmak/libra-core/releases/tag/1.0.2

Also, I’ll love to get suggestions on ways to improve this library or if you have some pain points you would like to be solved with this library.

Would be great to decrease min version of Node.js (10?), so maybe it would be possible to run it on GCP or AWS.